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The Heartlander: November 2002

Heartland Institute staff –
November 1, 2002

Web Site Relaunched

Heartland’s award-winning Web site, at http://www.heartland.org, gets nearly a million “hits” a month, making it one of the most popular public policy sites on the Internet. But there’s always room for improvement, and over the past several months we have been hard at work revamping the site from head-to-toe.

Benefit Dedicated to Eternal Vigilance

Heartland’s Eighteenth Anniversary Benefit Dinner, held October 23 in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago Hotel, offered guests an evening that was at once entertaining, intellectually challenging, motivating, and filled with great food, fine wine, and stimulating conversations. Some 450 people attended the event to hear Paul Craig Roberts, Gary S. Becker, and Howard Fuller speak.


  • Heartland appeared in print 24 times in September, reaching just over 650,000 readers. Major hits included the Chicago Sun-Times (circ. 336,861) and Seattle, Washington Post-Intelligencer (daily circ. 200,000).
  • Health Care News Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier addressed the annual fall sales conference of the Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters, and Heartland President Joseph L. Bast addressed the Wisconsin Forum in Milwaukee and Illinois State Senator Peter Roskam’s Capitol Group in Wheaton. In November, Science Director Jay Lehr, Ph.D. will deliver the keynote address at the 136th annual convention of the National Grange in Portland, Oregon, and Bast will be in Oak Brook, Illinois, discussing free-market health care reform at a meeting of the Illinois Life Insurance Council.
  • Heartland publications and staff appeared (or soon will appear) at events sponsored by State Policy Network, the Independent Sector, the American Petroleum Institute and International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and the Council of State Governments.
  • Heartland initiated new joint projects with The Heritage Foundation, George Marshall Institute, and National Teacher Training Institute.

The New Coalition

In October, Heartland launched a project called The New Coalition at The Heartland Institute, a program headed by Lee H. Walker offering multicultural perspectives on individual liberty and limited government.

Environment Update

The November issue of Environment & Climate News features a special report on energy issues and articles addressing sustainable development, healthy forests, affordable housing, natural carcinogens, emissions trading and the Kyoto Protocol, and more.

Health Care Update

The November issue of Health Care News tackles stem cell research, smallpox vaccination, single-payer in Britain, prescription drug coverage for seniors, tobacco taxes, and more. Heartland also released the results of a survey of pharmacies in Missouri showing how comparison-shopping could dramatically reduce drug costs for many seniors.