Policy Documents

Letter from Content Providers to FCC on Set Top Box Regulation

Susan L. Fox –
November 16, 2010

On November 15,20 I 0, Paul de Sa, Doug Sicker and Marilyn Sonn met with John Eberhard (Vice President, Technology & Distribution, ESPN) and Susan Fox (Vice President, (Jovernment Relations, 'The Walt Disney Company). During this meeting, Mr. Eberhard and Ms. Fox stressed a few points with respect to the FCC's AllVid Notice of Inquiry. First, we stressed that the video marketplace is evolving so quickly that any government-set standard will freeze innovation, including innovation in new programming services. Indeed, the marketplace is already providing consumers with a myriad of ways to access content. JV]r. Eberhard also stressed the difficulty in setting any technical standard in this area. Second, as described more extensively in the attached Reply Comments, He stressed that content presentation is vital to programmers and that the approach set forth in the All-Vid NOI would undermine the manner in which our content is viewed and perceived by viewers. Lastly, we stressed the importance of protecting our content and that the AllVid approach threatens our ability to secure our content.

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