Policy Documents

Privacy in the Cloud Computing Era

November 1, 2009

Client-plus-cloud computing offers enhanced choice, flexibility, operational efficiency and cost savings for businesses and consumers. To take full advantage of these benefits, users must be given reliable assurances regarding the privacy and security of their online data. In addition, a number of regulatory, jurisdictional, and public policy issues remain to be solved in order for online computing to thrive.

Microsoft has been addressing many of these issues since 1994, when we delivered our first online services for consumers and enterprises. Our breadth of experience has shaped our company’s privacy principles, corporate privacy policy, product and service development, and overall business practices. These components anchor our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security in our online services and to partnering with other industry leaders, governments, and consumer organizations to develop globally consistent privacy frameworks that enable the expansion of the economic and social value of cloud-based computing.