Recent Research & Commentary

Research & Commentary: Recovery Audits

August 9, 2011

For decades, retailers and other private-sector businesses have hired independent auditors to track down improper payments and recover the money.

Research & Commentary: The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

August 8, 2011

Few public policy issues evoke more fervor than those promoting homeownership.

Research & Commentary: Online Learning and Related Technology

August 8, 2011

Online K-12 education is growing rapidly as lawmakers authorize state-run or -approved virtual education options such as single classes from myriad operators and entire virtual schools.

Research & Commentary: Pennsylvania Liquor Privatization

Elizabeth Henderson
August 1, 2011

Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai recently introduced House Bill 11, which would privatize the state’s liquor sales.

Research & Commentary: Teacher Evaluations

July 28, 2011

Taxpayers and state governments are increasingly acting on the principle that teachers should receive evaluations of their work, to measure their effectiveness and ensure better education for stude

Research & Commentary: Keystone XL Pipeline

July 26, 2011

The Keystone XL Project is an approximately 1,661-mile pipeline expansion project that will transport crude oil from Canadian oil sands to U.S. refining markets.

Research & Commentary: Exchange Regulation and State Implementation

July 18, 2011

The massive and complex package of proposed health exchange rules released recently by the U.S.

Research & Commentary: Florida’s Online Travel Agent Tax

Marc Oestreich
July 15, 2011

Florida’s tourism industry brings in more than $60 billion each year and is the state’s most profitable industry.

Research & Commentary: High-Stakes Tests and Cheating in Atlanta

July 11, 2011

An investigative report from Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s office charges 178 Atlanta Public Schools teachers and administrators with falsifying students’ state standardized tests.

Research & Commentary: The Effect of Dodd-Frank

July 1, 2011

The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also known as the Dodd-Frank Act, is a law with consequences for every part of the financial system.