Recent Research & Commentary

Research & Commentary: Georgia Tax Reform

March 29, 2011

The Special Council on Tax Fairness for Georgians was established to conduct a study of the state’s revenue structure and make a report of its findings and recommendations for legislation.

Research & Commentary: Competitive Bidding for Medical Devices

Matthew Glans
March 29, 2011

This year Medicare is implementing a change in how it determines which companies can provide durable medical equipment to the system’s beneficiaries.

Tapping the Rainy Day Fund & School Fund Balances

March 28, 2011

Balancing the 2010-11 Budget without Raising Taxes

The Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF): Appropriate Uses and Legislative History

Research & Commentary: Retransmission Fees

Marc Oestreich
March 25, 2011

Increasing broadcast retransmission fees have caused much tension between multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and broadcasters.

Research & Commentary: FCC Set-Top Box Regulation

Marc Oestreich
March 25, 2011

Section 629 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 authorized the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the television hardware market.

Research & Commentary: Higher Education Regulations, State Authorization

Marc Oestreich
March 10, 2011

The U.S. Department of Education will begin implementing two new regulations on for-profit colleges in July 2011.

School Choice Is Back

Greg Forster
March 2, 2011

School vouchers, like the Republican Party, are back in a big way. The question for vouchers, as for the GOP, is: Have they learned their lesson?

Just a few years ago, the smart people were declaring vouchers dead. “An Idea Whose Time Has Gone: Conservatives Abandon Their Support for School Vouchers” declared the headline of a much-discussed article in Washington Monthly. The article declared that vouchers were on the way out, permanently.

Research & Commentary: Georgia Sunday Sales Local Option

March 1, 2011

Georgia is one of only three states that prohibit the retail sale of liquor, wine, and beer on Sundays.

Research & Commentary: Airline Passenger Tax

Charlie Vidal
February 24, 2011

Congress is considering an increase in the airline passenger facility tax from $4.50 to $7.00 per takeoff and landing. In total this would be a massive $2 billion tax increase on consumers.