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Seizing the Opportunity in Mobile Broadband

Acision Mobile Broadband Global Research –

From June to November 2010, Acision has commissioned a number of independent market research agencies (YouGov, Quantinet and Toluna) to undertake a detailed survey to understand consumer perceptions of mobile broadband in the UK, United States, Brazil, Singapore and Australia. The research covered key aspects associated to mobile broadband today, including Quality of Experience (QoE), customer satisfaction levels, perceived video quality, the potential of Value Added Services (VAS) and consumer awareness and acceptance of fairness policies
and content optimisation.

For every region, the Acision research focuses on all aspects of mobile broadband including the usage of the mobile internet on Smartphones, mobile handsets, dongles, modem sticks, data cards, netbooks, and integrated mobile broadband within laptops. The motivation for Acision to undertake this global research has been the phenomenal uptake of mobile broadband worldwide and the rumoured Quality of Experience issues accompanying it’s steady rise. One of the key objectives of the research has been to quantify these QoE issues, understand it’s principle drivers and determine whether global parallels exist in its development lifecycle. Also, the potential for addressing the key issues in terms of consumer awareness of mobile broadband and willingness to accept fairness, optimisation and differentiation measures, has been another key objective. In both areas we can conclude the global research initiative has been very successful and provides insight in this new and exciting market segment which is beneficial to all stakeholders, being consumers, operators, content providers and regulators. All the research was conducted using the same questionnaire and panel based methodology, using a representative sample of over 1000 consumers per market aged 18 years and up.