Expert Search

The experts identified here are staff, managing editors, senior fellows, and policy advisors (unpaid volunteers) to The Heartland Institute, as well as persons affiliated with other think tanks who have agreed to be identified as topic area experts for Heartland.

John Rutledge

Chairman, Rutledge Capital

Dr. Mary J. Ruwart

Research scientist and libertarian speaker, writer, and activist

Ronald Rychlak

Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Mississippi School of Law

Connie Sadowski

Coordinator, Red Apple Project

Larry Sand

President, California Teachers Empowerment Network

Allen Sanderson

Senior Lecturer of Economics, University of Chicago

E.S. Savas

Presidential Professor, Baruch College/CUNY

Greg Scandlen

Senior Fellow, Health Care

Eric Schansberg

Professor of Economics, Indiana University Southeast

Ron Scheberle

Executive Director, American Legislative Exchange Council

Harrison Schmitt

Former NASA Astronaut and U.S. Senator

David Schnare

Senior Fellow - Energy and the Environment, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

Joel Schwartz

Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Joseph Schwieterman

Director, DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development

Chris Sciabarra

Visiting Scholar, New York University

Tom Segalstad

Associate Professor of Resource and Environmental Geology, University of Oslo

Howard Segermark

President, Segermark Associates

Neil Seitz

Dean, School of Business and Administration, Saint Louis University

John Semmens

Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Nir Shaviv

Professor, Racah Institute of Physics