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Let Us Choose Good Schools

Fear-Mongers Upset the Apple Cart

The real intent of so-called consumer-advocacy groups is to throw a monkey wrench into the wheels of capitalist progress and to diminish our nation's ability to supply abundant, low-cost, healthy f

Energy Plan

NEA to buy votes with video-game grants

The rarefied world of government arts funding apparently has run out of artists specializing in elephant dung and human-urine media. Now comes the National Endowment for the Arts announcement it will make grants for digital media—specifically video game design.

Time to End Wasteful Corporate Tax

Time to End Wasteful Corporate Tax

If the currently gridlocked Congress makes any major, permanent changes to U.S. law before the 2012 elections, it will probably be in the realm of corporate tax reform. After all, the United States has the highest statutory corporate tax rates of the major developed countries, requires all but the smallest businesses to do vast amounts of paperwork to figure out what they owe, and causes so many problems for business that the White House and Congressional Republicans actually agree some sort of reform makes sense.

Equal Access under the Law: Education and Civil Rights

Americans claim civil rights flippantly. But the basic principle of equal protection or access under the law is not complicated.