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Jesse Hathaway: New Managing Editor for Budget & Tax News

BTN PODCAST - Jesse Hathaway, late of Media Trackers-Ohio, has joined The Heartland Institute as a research fellow and managing editor of Budget & Tax News. He joins us to introduce himself and discuss some issues at the top of his mind now, including corporate capitalism and government regulations that distort business competition and harm hiring.

Wayne Winegarden: 50 State Energy Regulation Index

ECN PODCAST - Wayne Winegarden discusses the Pacific Research Institutes 50 state energy regulation index with Heartland's H. Sterling Burnett.

Senator David Vitter: Senate Environment and Public Works committee report

ECN PODCAST - Senator David Vitter discusses the Senate Environment and Public Works committee report, The Chain of Environmental Command. The report details how a group of liberal billionaires and large foundations they support exert undue influence on the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency and the nation’s environmental regulations.

Joseph Bast and Herbert Walberg - Rewards and Learning

SRN PODCAST - Joseph Bast and Herbert Walberg discuss Chapter 3: Rewards and Learning, of their new Book "Rewards: How to use rewards to help children learn – and why teachers don’t use them well" with Heartland Senior Fellow George Clowes.

Isaac Orr: Texas Textbooks

ECN PODCAST - Isaac Orr explains the how the Texas Board of Education is moving toward climate reality by citing the works of Joe Bast and James Taylor of The Heartland Institute in their social studies textbooks. The textbooks acknowledge the pause in global warming and accurately state that natural causes may have a larger influence than previously thought. This has provoked outrage among left-leaning activist groups. This podcast explains what the other side is saying, and why we need to band together to support the Texas Board of Education as they move toward responsible climate education.

James Taylor: Welcome H. Sterling Burnett

ECN PODCAST - James Taylor introduces H. Sterling Burnett, as new Environment & Climate News managing editor to the Heartland Team.
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