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Ron Arnold: Climate Alarmism Power Grab

ECN Podcast - In this edition of The Heartland Daily Podcast, Research Fellow and Managing Editor of Environment and Climate News H. Sterling Burnett sits down with Environmental writer, activist and Heartland Policy Advisor Ron Arnold. Arnold and Burnett discuss Arnold's environmental work.

James Shuls: Missouri School Transfer Law

SRN PODCAST -Heather Kays speaks with James Shuls, assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Missouri and fellow at the Show-Me Institute, about the struggles families faced while trying to use the Missouri school transfer law.

Jesse Hathaway: Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

BTN Podcast - Managing Editor of Budget and Tax News, Jesse Hathaway was a guest on The Brian Thomas Show on 550 WKRC-AM where he discussed Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws. Hathaway and Thomas discussed examples of when these laws are enforced and how they trample on due process.

Dr. Brad Rodu: Tobacco Harm Reduction

BTN Podcast - In this episode of The Heartland Daily Podcast, research fellow Jesse Hathaway is joined by Dr. Brad Rodu, Endowed Chair in Tobacco Harm Reduction Research at the University of Louisville's James Graham Brown Cancer Center. Hathaway and Rodu talk about how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) corrupt the scientific process in academia, by refusing to fund studies which do not conform to the federal government's stated vision of a "tobacco-free world."

Neal McCluskey: Reviving the Spirit of Inquiry in Higher Education

SRN PODCAST - Heather Kays speaks with Associate Director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, Neal Mccluskey, about a recent Cato forum which focused on limited political ideologies presented in U.S. Colleges. Their conversation questions if and how academic centers can introduce additional perspectives to academia.

Isaac Orr: Introducing Bette Grande to Energy Team

ECN Podcast - Research Fellow Isaac Orr introduces the latest addition to The Heartland Institute's team, Research Fellow Bette Grande. Bette is a former legislator from North Dakota who served in the ND legislature for nearly two decades. During that time she specialized in pension reform and energy issues.
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