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Could This be the Case That Ends Obamacare?

State officials in Ohio filed a lawsuit on Monday, Jan.

Net Neutrality Bait And Switch To Title II

Net neutrality and Title II FCC Internet regulation are not the same.

Where’s Our Refund for Climate Change Costs?

A new report released by the White House shows Americans are overpay

The Insane Vaccine Debate

First published at The Federalist.

I Come to Bury Renewable Fuel Standards

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. In a perfect example, U.S.

Shoveling a Lot of Global Warming in Chicago

The upper East Coast got sacked with a foot or so of snow last weekend, and are going to be hit with another foot or so this week.

Jeb Bush's Common Core Hedging Undermines Reform Efforts

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and prospective GOP presidential contender, was wrong to support Common Core. Now, on the campaign trail, he appears to be backtracking a bit.

Climate or Crash Risk in Your Vehicle Choice

Environmentalists are coming after your car—again. And what they don’t want you to know is their crusade, if successful, would result in a multitude of unnecessary deaths.

Thirty Years Promoting Freedom

Very few organizations survive 30 years, and very few people work for the same organization for that long.

Endlessly Slapped by ObamaCare

“I’m sorry sir,” the polite customer-service agent said. “There’s nothing I can do.