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Smoking Cessation: Minimal Impact on Weight

The association of tobacco use and body weight has long been a matter of concern.  In 2004, I collaborated with Swedish investigators to publish the first research on whether switching fr

Democrat's Stifling Climate Change Discussion

In the past few weeks statements of scientists challenging the hypothesis carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is causing catastrophic global warming are being criticized for alleged conflicts

Will a Royal Edict on Ammo Mock the Constitution?

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold - 

Why Six-Figure Salaries Don’t Make You Wealthy

University of Michigan student Jesse Klein made headlines across the Internet on February 19 when her article

Who Wins With Obama’s Net Neutrality?

The Barack Obama Administration’s Thursday Internet uber-power grab is awful for just about every American.  It will lead to dramati

The Death of the American Corporation

The traditional American corporation has been a fixture in the U.S. economy for generations.

Climatist Jihad?

ISIL and other Islamist jihad movements continue to round up and silence all who oppose them or refuse to convert to their extreme religious tenets. They are inspiring thousands to join them.

Population Control Behind UN's Agenda 21

By Nancy Thorner and Bonnie O'Neil -  Obama and UN seek to transform

Schneiderman's Supplement Scam

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made a shocking announcement earlier this month.