Michael J. Lotus

Attorney at the Howard Law Firm LLC, Chicago

Michael J. Lotus Mike is the coauthor, with James C. Bennett of America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century-Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come. A blog about the book, related topics and media appearances by the authors may be found here.

Mike practices law at the Howard Law Firm LLC, in Chicago. He is a litigator with over twenty years experience. He currently practices in the areas of commercial and construction litigation, and plaintiffs-side personal injury and consumer fraud cases.

Mike is an Associate Specialist in the Department of Economics, U.Cal. Irvine, where he is team-teaching (via Skype from Chicago) a course about America 3.0.

Mike is a long-time member, and an approved speaker for the Federalist Society.

Mike and Jim Bennett are currently organizing the America 3.0 Institute (“A3I”). A3I will conduct further research into historical and anthropological foundations of American freedom and prosperity, and develop policy proposals for transitioning away from the failing 20th Century legacy government sector, and the creation of new institutions suitable to the emerging technology which is transforming our economy and society.

Mike blogs at Chicago Boyz blog as “Lexington Green”.

A YouTube page with the coauthors media appearances may be found here.

Mike’s Heartland Institute podcast may be found here.

Mike’s live presentation at the Heartland Institute may be found here.

Among Mike’s publication are the following:

“America, England, Europe: Why Do We Differ?”, Hungarian Review, Vol, IV, No. 6 (28 November, 2013), coauthored with James C. Bennett.

The transformation of the USA — here comes America 3.0, FoxNews.com, October 25, 2013.

America 3.0 – Soon to be bestseller, interview in the San Francisco Examiner, October 24, 2013, with James C. Bennett.

How to Revive the American Family, Real Clear Religion, October 27, 2013.

Some reviews of America 3.0:

Review by David Desrosiers in the Washington Times.

“America’s greatest days lie ahead – provided she is true to herself”, review by Daniel Hannan in the Telegraph. Review by T. Greer at Scholars Stage.

“E Pluribus Bonum”, Review by John Fonte in National Review.

With its roots in the nuclear family, the nation evolves into ‘America 3.0’, review by Michael Barone in the Washington Examiner:

Future’s so bright we have to wear shades, review by Glenn Reynolds a/k/a Instapundit in USA Today.

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