Jesse Kurtz

Jesse Kurtz was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and is now raising a family as an Atlantic City homeowner. He is a husband to Cara and the father of six children.

He was elected to Atlantic City Council in November 2015 and took office on January 1, 2016. He was the prime sponsor of an historic referendum on a municipal school voucher scholarship system (the first in NJ) and municipal homeschool property tax credit system (the first in the nation).  While both measures were defeated in light of the tens of thousands of dollars spent on lies and personal attacks by the teachers union, the voucher scholarship vote was so close (54%-46%) that he now advocates for a small trial program to be established.

He is a technology professional, and has experience in the casino industry, the manufacturing sector, the tourism industry, and higher education. He has been involved with many Atlantic City civic, religious, and charitable organizations.

He is an advocate for lower taxes through reduced government spending, cleaner streets, and safer neighborhoods. These priorities are aiding in the restoration of affordability, vibrancy, transparency, and economic vitality so needed by Atlantic City and its government.

He is committed to fulfilling the promise of Atlantic City. He articulates a vision of Atlantic City that draws on its past as the “Queen of Resorts” and proposes urban conservative ideas that will re-position Atlantic City as the premier destination resort on the East Coast and give more opportunities for city residents to prosper.

He is Chairman of the Technology, Licensing & Inspections, Health &Human Services (combined) Committee and a member of both the Revenue & Finance and Planning and Development Committees.

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