Chicago Tax Day Tea Party

Published April 13, 2009

You may have heard about the taxpayer tea party movement sweeping the nation. Since February, tens of thousands of taxpayers have turned out in cities and towns across the nation to protest runaway government spending. These events are part of a grassroots protest against the bail-out initiated by President Bush and implemented by President Obama, the stimulus package, and the massive federal budget – each one a massive intrusion by the federal government into the private economy and our lives, and each guaranteed to saddle our children and their children with enormous debts they will probably never be able to pay off.

Heartland was the first organization on board for the first tea parties of February 27th, and we are integrally involved in the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party here in Chicago, taking place at 12 noon at the Kluczynski Federal Building Plaza at 230 S. Dearborn. I’ve attached a press release with all the pertinent information. If you can make it, we’d love to see you there! You can RSVP for the Chicago event here on Facebook, or just show up!

If you aren’t an Illinois resident, visit for a tea party near you!


John M. O’Hara
Chicago Tax Day Tea Party

What: Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
Where: Kluczynski Federal Building Plaza, 230 South Dearborn
When: Wednesday, April 15, 12:00 noon CDT

CHICAGO, IL — Hundreds of taxpayers of all political stripes are set to gather April 15 at 12:00 noon CDT in the plaza of Chicago’s Kluczynski Federal Building at 230 South Dearborn to protest runaway government spending and unprecedented government expansion into the private sector.

“This is a powerful grassroots movement,” stated Chicago organizer John O’Hara, “and this isn’t about partisan politics. What we are seeing is thousands of concerned citizens reacting to a government that is not adequately representing the will nor the best interests of the American people.”

“A la the 1773 Boston Tea Party, we’re fed up with the taxation and the government takeover brought on with the Stimulus Bill and the numerous other bailouts. There’s only one proven way to create jobs and that is by cutting income taxes and wasteful spending,” said Eric Odom, director of DontGo movement and the National Tax Day Tea Party movement.

Speakers for the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party include: Eric “Mancow” Mueller (host of Mancow & Cassidy, 9-11am on WLS), John Tillman (chairman of the Illinois Policy Institute), Joe Calomino, (Illinois State Director – Americans For Prosperity), Eric Odom (director of DontGo movement and National Tax Day Tea Party), Jonathan Hoenig ( investment advisor and Fox News contributor). The emcee for the event will be Brian Costin of the Schaumburg Freedom Coalition.

Credentialed media and bloggers are invited to cover this event.