Effects of Temperature on Mortality in Nairobi, Kenya

Published May 9, 2013

Even in places that are appreciated for their relative warmth, a change in the weather or shifting of the seasons to cooler conditions, rather than an equivalent increase in warmth, is typically the more deadly of the two types of temperature evolution… Read More

Scots Pine Stands of Estonia Are Growing Ever Better Nowadays (7 May 2013)
What climate alarmists frequently claim is bad for the biosphere – rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations – appears to actually be having a positive effect on the planet’s trees and, by inference, much of the rest of the biosphere as well… Read More

A Quarter-Century of Large-Scale Vegetation Changes in China (7 May 2013)
According to the three Chinese researchers who conducted this study, over the past 2-3 decades “the satellite-derived index (NDVI) during the growing season and the vegetation net primary productivity in major terrestrial ecosystems (for example forests, grasslands, shrubs, and croplands) have significantly increased”… Read More

Problems Modeling Air-Sea Fluxes and Sea Surface Temperatures (7 May 2013)
How does the Community Climate System Model version 4 (CCSM4) perform in this regard? There is room for substantial improvement… Read More

Adaptive Evolution in the Sea’s Most Abundant Primary Producer (8 May 2013)
Is it powerful enough and sufficiently rapid to enable the minute coccolithophore to cope with the challenge of anthropogenic-induced ocean acidification? In a word, yes!… Read More

A Half-Century of Precipitation Trends on the North China Plain (8 May 2013)
A continuation of the observed precipitation trends would appear to be good news for the people of ChinaThe authors of this study report that “no significant changing trend was found for the annual, dry and wet season precipitation and rainfall extremes in the majority of [the] North China Plain,” a continuation of which trends would appear to be good news for the people of China… Read More

Pear Trees in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (8 May 2013)
How will their fruit likely compare with the fruit of today’s trees? This was the question addressed in a recent study by Han et al. (2012), and which study revealed that elevated CO2 “improves not only the biomass of the plant but also fruit size and quality in pears”… Read More