Far Flung Fabrics: A Fine Mesh

Published December 27, 2005

Michael Freedman’s column about using mosquito nets to fight malaria in Africa ,”A Fine Mesh” (December 26, p. 71), confirms the fact that new businesses that are dependent upon grants take great risks, in the true spirit of entrepreneurs.

But the bigger story is that millions of Africans will continue to die regardless of vaccines from Bill Gates or improved nets. What Africa needs is DDT to eradicate the malaria-carrying mosquitos once and for all.

Limited use of DDT for spraying on the interior walls of dwellings has proven itself as the key for eliminating this debilitating scourge on the continent. That should be our policy focus now, and later we can look forward to bringing an employee-owned net manufacturing plant into Africa to employ malaria victims who haven’t died from the disease and promote economic development of this underdeveloped region.

Ralph W. Conner
Public Affairs Director
The Heartland Institute