Gore Should Be Questioned Thoroughly in Hearing

Published March 20, 2007

(Chicago, Illinois – March 20, 2007) Former vice president and long-time environmental advocate Al Gore is scheduled to appear before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Wednesday, March 21.

Policy leaders and media gatekeepers have been hesitant to rigorously question Gore about claims made in his recent hit film, An Inconvenient Truth. Unfortunately, this hesitation deprives the American public of the serious debate it needs to make decisions on such complicated public policy issues.

The following resources are available from The Heartland Institute to assist you with stories covering Gore’s testimony.


James M. Taylor
Senior Fellow for Environment Policy
[email protected]


Science and Global Warming: What Do We Know?
Testimony Delivered at the Minnesota State Climate Symposium
Author: James M. Taylor, Senior Fellow for Environment Policy

Research & Commentary: Global Warming
Compiled by Trevor Martin, Government Relations Director

Energy Policy For America
Chapter on Climate Change
Author: Alexandra Bourne and Joseph M. Bast