Larval Growth of Oysters in a Warming and CO2-Accreting World

Published April 24, 2013

How does the larval-stage of the Portuguese oyster respond to multiple climate change stressors? With a surprising degree of tolerance!… Read More

The Thermal Tolerance of a Tropical Lizard Species (23 Apr 2013)
A new study demonstrates that “changes in thermal tolerance occurred relatively rapidly (~35 generations),” which finding “strongly suggests that the thermal physiology of tropical lizards is more labile than previously proposed”… Read More

More Problems with State-of-the-Art Climate Models (23 Apr 2013)
Why do some of them never seem to get resolved? In the introduction to their study of the origins of tropical-wide sea surface temperature (SST) biases in CMIP multi-model ensembles, Li and Xie (2012) write that “state-of-the-art coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation models (CGCMs) suffer from large errors in simulating tropical climate, limiting their utility in climate prediction and projection.” And describing the size of the several errors, they say they “are comparable or larger in magnitude than observed interannual variability and projected change in the 21st century”…… Read More

CO2, the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus, and Tomato Productivity (23 Apr 2013)
Can enriching the air with more CO2 compensate for the reduction in tomato productivity caused by the debilitating virus? In a word, yes!… Read More

Tree-Ring Width vs. Tree-Ring Maximum Latewood Density (24 Apr 2013)
What do new findings about the two temperature proxies reveal about the Medieval and Roman Warm Periods? They suggest that large-scale near-surface air-temperature reconstructions relying on tree-ring [width] data, like that of Mann et al. (1999), likely underestimate pre-instrumental temperatures including those experienced during warmer Medieval and Roman times… Read More

Precipitation and Flood Frequencies of Northeastern Taiwan (24 Apr 2013)
Once again, we have another bit of evidence for the far-flung extent of both the MCA and LIA. And we similarly have another indication of the now-quite-apparent fact that floods are not more frequent or extreme during periods of greater global warmth, in strong contradiction of climate-alarmist claims to the contrary… Read More

Effects of Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Warming on Rice Growth (24 Apr 2013)
New research out of India suggests that rising atmospheric CO2 and temperature may have significant positive impacts on this important agricultural crop… Read More