New Web Site, Organization Aim to Empower Taxpayers

Published December 1, 2008

With the launch of the Center for Fiscal Accountability Web site, taxpayers, lawmakers, and activists have a new resource to make government more accountable.

The center, a new project of Americans for Tax Reform, works to promote transparency, accountability, and fiscal restraint in government.

The Web site ( was launched in September and provides state-by-state information on efforts to improve transparency and accountability in government finance, as well as daily news updates, commentary, and advocacy tools.

“Over the past two years, we have seen much progress in the area of fiscal accountability, especially when it comes to creating searchable Web sites for government expenditures that are empowering taxpayers to become fiscal watchdogs,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

Advocacy, Clearinghouse

The Center for Fiscal Accountability sees its role not only as an advocacy organization but also as a clearinghouse for information. The organization works with lawmakers, members of the executive branch, taxpayer activists, and think tanks to make government more accountable and highlight and help to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse through projects such as Cost of Government Day and Tax Bites.

“The Center for Fiscal Accountability strives to be a valuable resource for taxpayers who have grown weary of spend-too-much policies,” said Norquist.

“The information and tools available on the site will arm them with the ammunition they need to tell their elected officials to open up government’s books,” Norquist said. “Anyone who thinks government must be accountable to taxpayers should bookmark this Web site.”

Sandra Fabry ([email protected]) is government affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform and executive director of ATR’s Center for Fiscal Accountability.

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