Soil Carbon and Nitrogen in a CO2-Enriched Sweetgum Plantation

Published October 10, 2012

The results of an eleven-year experiment reveal the long-term soil carbon sequestration potential of Earth’s trees, where “C inputs from relatively deep roots under elevated CO2 may increase the potential for long-term soil C storage”… Read More

The MWP at the Tivoli North Bay of New York’s Hudson Estuary (9 October 2012)
The case for a global Medieval Warm Period continues to grow with the findings revealed at this new location… Read More

Phytoremediation of Cadmium-Contaminated Soil: The Role of CO2 (9 October 2012)
The authors of this study suggest that “the use of elevated CO2 may be a useful way to improve phytoremediation efficiency of Cd-contaminated soil by S. alfredii.” And as the air’s CO2 content continues its upward climb, the job of the hyper-accumulating plants will gradually become ever more efficient and effective… Read More

Simulating the Equatorial Pacific Cold Tongue (9 October 2012)
A plethora of problems haunt IPCC AR4 coupled GCMs… Read More

The Importance of Long-Term Temperature and CO2 Data (10 October 2012)
Clearly, the air’s CO2 content is not a major driver of Earth’s temperature. In fact, it may not even be a minor driver… Read More

The Vegetative Status of the Circumpolar Arctic Tundra (10 October 2012)
How has it changed over the past three decades? It appears that the total aboveground phytomass of the entire Arctic tundra increased by 19.8%… Read More

Glaciers of the Russian High Arctic (10 October 2012)
For the part of the world that is claimed by climate alarmists to be warming faster than almost any other place on Earth – except, perhaps, the Antarctic Peninsula – it is interesting to see that the glaciers of the Russian High Arctic are not wasting away before our very eyes… Read More

A Warming Bias in the U.S. Temperature Record??? (10 October 2012)
It may be that the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia is not the only institution that needs to have the validity of its temperature adjustments audited… Read More