The Sport of Global Warming

Published March 16, 2007

Dear Sports Illustrated:

I was very disappointed in your March 12 “expose” on global warming and sports. SI’s claim that global warming is “hurtling toward us faster than scientists forecasted even a few years ago” contradicts the recent United Nations report lowering its sea level rise projections and its worst-case temperature scenarios.

SI’s claim that researchers expect a sea level increase “of up to a meter by 2100” ignores that the UN’s best guess is closer to a single foot of sea level rise.

SI’s claim that “once indestructible ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctic have begun to creep toward the sea” ignores that Greenland just completed its two coldest decades since the 1910s and has an ice sheet that is in equilibrium. Moreover, the vast majority of Antarctica is getting colder and is seeing an overall expansion of its ice cap.

SI would do well to stick to sports and leave global warming to the professional findings of scientists.

James M. Taylor ([email protected]) is senior fellow for environment affairs at The Heartland Institute.