We Can’t Ask At-Risk Children to Wait on Politics

Published April 5, 2006

Dear Editor:

It is unfortunate that Ms. Soto chooses to support HB 2012 [“Voice of the People,” April 5], a bill that undermines the spirit of the federal No Child Left Behind Act by asking children in failing schools to wait on a referendum. Moreover, no schools are being “closed,” they are being reconstituted and reformed.

Ms. Soto wants to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, but there is nothing to discuss. We cannot keep asking the next generation to sacrifice its future on the altar of our politics. We’re never going to make everyone happy–someone will always oppose reforming even the worst schools. But it’s time our elected officials stop worrying about whether everyone agrees … and giving parents the right to move their kids to another school.


Lee Walker
Burr Ridge, IL

Lee Walker ([email protected]) is president of The New Coalition for Economic and Social Change and a senior fellow of The Heartland Institute.