Wind Farms Don’t Reduce Dependence on ‘Foreign Oil’

Published May 19, 2006

James Taylor is managing editor of Environment & Climate News. The following letter was published in the Tampa Tribune on May 19, 2006

Dear Editor:

The Tribune’s May 14 article “Cape Cod Wind Farm Highlights Rift in U.S.” is a nice summary of the wind power debate in Massachusetts, but leaves out a couple of very important points.

First, the article points out that Cape Cod wind farm proponents “say wind farms like it will help wean the country from dependence on foreign oil.” However, proponents fail to realize that foreign oil powers automobiles, not power plants. Wind power would merely displace U.S.-mined coal, which produces a majority of America’s electrical power.

Second, the article correctly notes that environmentalists often oppose wind power. It should be further noted why: at California’s Altamont Pass alone, wind turbines kill literally thousands of birds and bats each year, including over 1,000 birds of prey and many endangered species. Similar devastation is reported at wind farms all over the world.


James Taylor