California Cancer: Best To Excise Or Contain Bad Government

Published August 5, 2017

The state of California is a sunny, balmy – deathtrap nightmare mess. Decades of Leftist government have eviscerated the state.

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What’s “Calexit,” you ask? That is an already-surprisingly-strong move on the part of California – to secede from the United States. A development anyone in the remaining forty-nine who likes less government and winning presidential elections – should wholeheartedly and resoundingly endorse.

 California has become a cancer on the body America. When the tumor is volunteering to remove itself – you happily do everything you can to assist with the procedure.

Of course the Golden State (now Pyrite, actually) isn’t the only bad government growth on our body politic. There are several states and many cities and municipalities who are engaged in California Awful. We obviously can’t count on all of them to excise themselves – so the key is containment.

We’ve already lost several once-reasonable areas to the spread of the disease. To wit: New Hampshire – now-defunct motto “Live Free or Die” – was once a reliably less government state.

But it is surrounded by New England Awful. Five states full of people who have voted terribly for decades – and ruined everything therein.

So these people in ever increasing numbers moved to New Hampshire – because their people hadn’t been voting terribly for decades. And bizarrely – kept voting in exactly the same way that ruined their states and caused them to move. So now New Hampshire is also infected.

We can’t excise New England. But for the sake of the next New Hampshires – we must work to contain New England Awful.

To quote Mayberry Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife – we have to nip it in the bud. And the smaller the contaminated area – the easier the bud nipping is. Like, say, sunny, balmy South Miami.

South Miami Set to Become First City in Florida to Require Solar Panels on New Homes: “The new law would require owners of new homes — including single-family homes, townhouses and multi-story residential buildings — to install solar panels. It also applies to owners who expand their homes by 75% or greater.”

Well that’s a fabulous idea. You can tell – because government is mandating it: “(W)ould anyone care to guess what this new government mandate imposition on houses – will do to the price of houses? They will necessarily skyrocket – to the moon, Alice. Forty-eight years after we landed there – government is sending health insurance and housing prices there. (And bank loan rates, and college tuition, and college loan rates, and….)”

Through the magic of government, South Miami Awful is unilaterally declaring that their strain of awfulness – will defy math and logic and be outstanding: “The (South Miami) ordinance states the solar panel mandate will be cost effective for new construction, cut electricity costs for homeowners and reduce greenhouse gases.”

Yes. It’s just that easy. Ask California. Or New England Awful’s Connecticut. Or Illinois (with a hearty tip of the dunce cap to eternally-Democrat Chicago). Or….

It’s time for some serious dumb government containment.

We must highlight the pathogen – and isolate it. And treat with heavy doses of truth, math – and ridicule.

To best ensure it spreads no further than it already has.

[Originally Published at RedState]