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Anna DeJarnette

Director of Development

Anna DeJarnette serves as the Director of Development for The Heartland Institute. She brings deep experience in fundraising, external relations and communications. She is a passionate leader who has dedicated her career to promoting freedom and human flourishing through roles in non-profits and government.

Before joining Heartland, DeJarnette served as the Deputy Director of Programs and Outreach for the Attorney General of Virginia. For the majority of her career, DeJarnette designed, developed and deployed fundraising strategies resulting in over $80 million in current and deferred gifts going to freedom-oriented organizations including The Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council, and The Leadership Institute.

Outside of work, Ms. DeJarnette enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and cheering for her two sons as they they compete in various sports. She is involved in her church and volunteers on the annual fund team at her children’s Christian classical school.

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