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Latest Environment & Energy Podcasts from Heartland

Environment and Climate News Podcast
Climate Incorporated – Billions and Billions (Climate Change Roundtable #50)
February 4, 2023
Environment and Climate News Podcast
Paul Ehrlich Predicts Climate Doomsday
January 5, 2023
Environment and Climate News Podcast
How Can We Solve Big Environmental Problems? Think Small! (Guest: Todd Myers)
December 24, 2022
Environment and Climate News Podcast
CO2 Is Not a Pollutant: The Benefits of Rising CO2 (Guest: Will Happer)
December 13, 2022

Environment & Energy Experts at Heartland

H. Sterling BurnettDirector, Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy; Managing Editor, Environment & Climate News
Anthony WattsSenior Fellow, The Heartland Institute
Linnea LuekenResearch Fellow, Energy
Tim BensonSenior Policy Analyst, Host of the "Ill Literacy: Books with Benson" Podcast
Steven MilloyPublisher, JunkScience.com
Bette GrandeState Government Relations Manager
Jim LakelyVice President and Director of Communications

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