Darren Brady Nelson

Regulatory Economist and Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute

Darren Brady Nelson is an independent economist, modeler and think-tanker who works in the USA, Australia, and around the world. He is an expert in fiscal, monetary, and regulatory policies, as well as Austrian, Chicago, and Christian economics. He aims, as Aussie maverick politician Don Chipp once did, to “keep the bastards honest.”

Darren is the inventor of applying Australian CPI-X regulation of public utility prices to American government budgets in order to obtain revolutionary cuts; at state and federal levels. He is the author of the book the Ten Principles of Regulation and Reform as well as the first submission to the Australian Parliament on central and big banks monetary-driven inflation.

Darren is an Australian-American dual-citizen with Australian university degrees of a Bachelor of Economics (cum laude) majoring in economic history and policy as well as a Master of Commerce (magna cum laude) majoring in business law and regulation.

Darren Brady Nelson Contributions

January 17, 2024
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