Philip Porter

Professor of Economics, University of South Florida

Philip Porter is a professor of economics at the University of South Florida.

Recent publications:

“The Economic Impact of the Olympic Games: Ex Ante Predictions and Ex Post Reality” (with D. Fletcher). Journal of Sports Management, forthcoming..

“Political Equilibrium and the Provision of Public Goods” (with J. Goodman). Public Choice, September 2004, 120(3-4), pp. 247-266.

“Is the Criminal Justice System Just?” (with J. Goodman). International Review of Law and Economics, July 2002,22(1), pp. 25-39.

“Public and Private Employment over the Busiess Cycle: A Ratchet Theory of Government” (with D. Bellante).Journal of Labor Research, Fall 1998, 19(4), pp. 613-28.

“The Distribution of Earnings and the Rules of the Game” (with G.W. Scully). Southern Economic Journal, July 1996,63(1), pp. 149-62.