Video: Climate Bullying – Scientists Behaving Badly – Climate Change Roundtable #91

Published December 15, 2023
climate change roundtable

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In this new episode #91 of “Climate Change Roundtable,” host Anthony Watts leads a thought-provoking discussion with Heartland experts H. Sterling Burnett, and guest Steve Milloy of This week, we had yet another shocking example of “scientists behaving badly” in the scientific peer review process. This follows on the heels of the postponement of the trial of the baddest actor of them all, Michael Mann. It seems climate science hasn’t learned anything since ClimateGate in 2009.

Plus, we’ll have Crazy Climate News of the week. Join us at Noon Central Time (1PM ET) Whether you’re a climate enthusiast, a policy expert, or just someone curious about the different facets of climate change discourse, this episode will enlighten you.