Fighting For Freedom Against Climate Tyranny (Guest: Daren Bakst)

Published January 8, 2024
In this insightful episode of “Environment and Climate News,” host H. Sterling Burnett engages with Daren Bakst, the new Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment. The discussion focuses on CEI’s longstanding commitment to challenging government policies that encroach on property rights and individual freedom. The episode particularly examines how climate change is leveraged by proponents of expansive government control, with specific attention to international agreements like those established at COP 28. These agreements are scrutinized for their potential to limit personal freedom, including restrictions on travel and lifestyle choices. Under Bakst’s leadership, CEI is actively opposing policies such as carbon tariffs and carbon taxes, while advocating for consumer freedom in vehicle and appliance selection. Tune in to explore how CEI confronts these issues, aiming to preserve individual liberties in the face of climate policy.