Mann vs. Steyn: Climate Trial of the Century Continues – Guest: Phelim McAleer on Climate Change Roundtable

In the second week of the defamation trial, where serial litigator and special climate snowflake Michael Mann sued Mark Steyn and others for libel, the proceedings featured notable developments and surprising revelations. To discuss, Phelim McAleer, a filmmaker and journalist who is attending the trial in a federal court in Washington, DC, joins episode 95 of Climate Change Roundtable.

 Thursday afternoon marked a significant moment in the trial, featuring Steyn cross-examining Mann. McAleer will share his observations with host Anthony Watts and panelists H. Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and Jim Lakely.

 The lawsuit stems from 2012 when Mann accused Steyn and others of libel for ridiculing his “hockey stick” graph, a key element in climate change discussions. Steyn compared the cover-up of Mann’s shoddy science at his then-employer Penn State University to the way the school covered up the sexual abuse crimes conducted by disgraced football coach Jerry Sandusky. Penn State whitewashed the internal investigation.

 In addition to discussing the trial, the episode will cover some of the crazy climate news of the week. We also urge you to seek out a new daily podcast produce by our guest, Phelim, and his wife Ann McIlhenny called “Climate Change on Trial,” where professional actors are reenacting the Mann trial.

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