Mann vs. Steyn: Climate Trial of the Century Week 3 (Guest: Ann McElhinney)

Published February 2, 2024

In the third week of the defamation trial in which climate “hockey stick” inventor Michael Mann is suing Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg, Mann rested his case. And now the defense has begun to make its devastating case against the nasty serial litigator in the Climate Trial of the Century. The hockey stick itself is being broken into pieces in public.

On episode 96 of Climate Change Roundtable, special guest Ann McElhinney joins The Heartland Institute’s Anthony Watts, H. Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and Jim Lakely to break down the latest bombshell moments of the trial. We are sure to mention the devastating testimony on Thursday of renowned statistician Abraham Wyner who exposed Mann’s hockey stick to be the fraud Steyn and Simberg (and many others) say it is.

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