Renewable Power Costs More and Delivers Less

Published March 29, 2024

In this enlightening episode, Isaac Orr from the Center of the American Experiment delves into the complexities of renewable energy and its impact on power grids across the United States. Orr argues for a reevaluation of what we consider ‘renewable’ energy, arguing the term ‘renewable’ might be misleading, suggesting a shift towards labeling these energy sources as ‘unreliable.’ He sheds light on the hidden costs and inefficiencies of renewable energy sources, pointing out that, despite significant subsidies, they prove to be more costly and less efficient than traditional energy sources.

Orr illustrates how states heavily invested in renewable energy—from California to Texas, traversing through Ohio to the Northeast—are experiencing increased instances of power emergencies, including blackouts and brownouts. This episode not only challenges the prevailing narrative around renewable energy but also explores the broader implications of these energy policies on our daily lives and the environment. Join us as we navigate through the controversial and often misunderstood realm of renewable power, its economic ramifications, and why speaking out on these issues might attract unwarranted attention, as experienced by the Center of the American Experiment.