The Failure of Peer Review in Climate Science

Published September 15, 2023
This episode of Climate Change Roundtable titled, “The failure of peer review: Climate is Beholden to Bullying and Bad Decisions” delves into the shadowy and competitive world of climate journal publications.

In this episode, our host, Anthony Watts, and weekly panelists, Dr. Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken, will delve into the not-so-scientific ways that science gets published (or retracted) that have come to light in the past two weeks.

We’ll discuss Dr. Robert T. Brown’s stunning admission that he held back certain data and analysis in order to ensure his climate paper got published by Nature. We’ll also look at the “climategate gang” and how they have bullied another journal to retract a paper they don’t like, which had already passed peer review. Now, new evidence has emerged of even more bullying.