UN Climate Conference Czars: You Need to Eat a Lot Less Meat

Published November 29, 2023
The other day, H. Sterling Burnett, director of The Heartland Institute’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy, was on the John Steigerwald Show on AM1250 The Answer in Pittsburgh. He was invited on to talk about how the agenda of the United Nations’ annual climate conference — COP28 in Dubai — includes demanding everyone in the world eat less meat. To save the planet, of course.Sterling explains how all livestock in earth accounts for just 4 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, not 30 percent as Biden Climate “Czar” John Kerry claims. In fact, Sterling and Steigerwald talk about many of the dystopian proposals coming out of the UN Climate Regime. The climate elite enjoy a “high carbon lifestyle” — including flying thousands of private jets to oil-rich Dubai — while demanding the rest of us live poorer and more-miserable lives. But there is good news: People around the world are starting to throw their climate alarmist leaders out of power. More of that please.

It’s a great and informative interview, so have a listen.