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Another Failed Gun Control Experiment

Daniel J. Mitchell
August 30, 2013

This article also appeared in on August 29, 2013.

Raising the Minimum Wage Is Not the Answer

Michael D. Tanner
September 30, 2013

This post at CATO @ Liberty asserts that a family collecting welfare benefits from seven common programs – Temporary assistance for Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, Medicaid, WIC, pub

On the Limits of Federal Supremacy: When States Relax (or Abandon) Marijuana Bans

Robert A. Mikos
December 12, 2012

In this policy analysis, Richard Mikos writes that the American Constitution divides governmental power between the federal government and several state governments.

DOJ Takes an Important Step on Marijuana

Tim Lynch
August 29, 2013

In this CATO @ Liberty posting, Tim Lynch asserts that the Dept.

The Work versus Welfare Trade-Off: 2013

Michael D. Tanner and Charles Hughes
August 19, 2013

In this white paper for CATO, the authors write that, in 1995, the Cato Institute published a groundbreaking study, 

The Work vs. Welfare Trade-Off: A Response to Critics

Michael Tanner
August 27, 2013

In this post at CATO @ Liberty, Michael Tanner accounts a new study, The Work vs.

Should the Constitution Be Amended?

Richard W. Rahn
August 27, 2013

In an article that appeared in Washington Times on August 27, 2013, Richard Rahn writes that

DOJ Lawsuit Would Keep Blacks in Failing Schools

Jason Bedrick
August 26, 2013

In this posting at CATO @ Liberty, the author contends that in the name of civil rights, the Department of Justice is trying to prevent black families from exercising school choice.

Obama to Control the Price of Ivy?

Neal McCluskey
August 22, 2013

In this posting at CATO @ Liberty, Neal McCluskey shines light on the student loan problem caused by the federal government: 

Reversing Worrisome Trends: How to Attract and Retain Investment in a Competitive Global Economy

August 22, 2013

In this policy analysis, the authors makes the case that no country has been a stronger magnet for foreign direct investment than the United States. Valued at $3.5 trillion, the U.S.

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