Heartland Institute

Improving Medicare: Nine Ways the House Bill Does It

December 21, 2000

In this Policy Fax Issue Analysis, it notes a legislative move in the Medicare Preservation Act of 1995.  It was proposed by the House.

Why We Spend Too Much on Health Care

December 29, 2000

In this Policy Fax Executive Summary by Joe Bast, the case is made that government policy actually responsible for high spending.

Extending Affordable Health Insurance to the Uninsurable

Conrad F. Meier
August 27, 1999

Approximately 2.5 million people in the U.S.

Back to the Health Care Future

Conrad F. Meier
November 14, 1996

In this short policy brief for Heartland, Conrad Meier asserts that the efforts of the Clinton administration marks the beginning of a new thrust for complete government regulation, if not outright

How States Can Reform Health Care

Conrad F. Meier
November 1, 1997

Any law passed to benefit one group of people, or to achieve one social goal, will invariably work to hurt the interests of another group of people, or to frustrate the accomplishment of some other

10 Principles of School Choice

December 31, 2004

Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled school vouchers are constitutional in 2002, grassroots activists around the country have been organizing to support passage of school choice programs.

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