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High-Priced Pain: What to Expect from a Single-Payer Health Care System

Kevin C. Fleming, M.D.
September 22, 2006

There is renewed interest in "socialized medicine."  Some prominent Americans want the United States to adopt national health insurance as a means to cover the uninsured, to establ

The Tax Equity and Affordability Act: A Solution for the Uninsured

Nina Owcharenko
August 30, 2006

Congress can no longer afford to ignore the changing dynamics in health care coverage.  The latest Census Bureau report shows that the number of uninsured increased from 45.3 milli

Improve the Environment Leave it to the States and the People

Becky Norton Dunlop
October 1, 2005

Becky Dunlop is the former Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She served from 1994-1998.

The Effects of State Regulations on Health Insurance Premiums: A Revised Analysis

Michael J. New, PH.D.
July 25, 2006

Many health policy analysts who cite Census Bureau statistics argue for greater government intervention in health care as a way to cover a larger percentage of Americans.  One comm

The Senate Reconciliation Bill: Wrapping Doctors in More Medicare Red Tape

Richard Dolinar
November 10, 2005

Congress poised to entangle Medicare doctors in even more bureaucratic red tape.  In its version of the budget reconciliation bill, the Senate voted to establish new reimbursement

Pay for Performance or Compliance? A Second Opinion on Medicare Reimbursement

Richard Dolinar and S. Luke Leininger
October 5, 2005

A new Medicare payment system should differentially reward providers who do a better job of satisfying the needs, preferences, and values of patients.  However, if it rewards provi

Making Association Health Plans a Success

Nina Owcharenko
February 14, 2005

Talking Points

Governor Baldacci's Track Record: Three Chilling Facts About Maine's Unsustainable Medicaid Program

Tarren Bragdon
January 3, 2005

In this Heritage Medicaid Watch, the author points out Medicaid enrollments are growing faster than Maine's employment.

The Right Preseciption? Assessing the Patients' Bill of Rights

Robert E. Moffit, John S. Hoff, and Robert Charrow
October 1, 2001

The whole public focus is on the liability provisions of the Patients' Bill of Rights. There are several things wrong with this focus.

How Washington Can Improve Health Care Coverage for Federal Workers and Their Families

Robert E. Moffir, Ph.D.
November 19, 2001

This article by Robert Moffir discusses ways that the Federal government can improve in their health care coverage for their employees.  He writes;

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