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Consumer Driven Health Care: The Changing Role of the Patient

Devon Herrick
May 1, 2005

In this article, author Devon Herrick writes;

Drug Reimportation: The Free Trade Solution

John C. Goodman
February 16, 2005

Significant numbers of Americans are traveling across the Canadian border or using the Internet to buy prescription drugs at Canadian prices.  These sales are illegal, but should t

Patient Power: Access to Drugs

Devon M. Herrick
February 10, 2005

Millions of Americans suffer from high cholesterol.  Unfortunately,  they can't do much about it on their own.  This means that people who could have benefited by startin

The 2004 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Reports

Andrew J. Rettenmaier and Thomas R. Saving
June 1, 2004

The 2004 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Reports were released on March 23.  The cost estimates for Medicare's new prescription drug benefit and the worsening financial posit

Medicare Reform and Prescription Drugs: Ten Principles

John C. Goodman, Robert Goldberg, and Greg Scandlen
October 1, 2002

In an election-year rush to satisfy impatient voters, politicians of both parties are endorsing ill-considered schemes to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare.  While the pr

Patients' Rights: A Double Standard

John Hoff
December 1, 1999

In this brief analysis, John Hoff argues that as everyone “knows,” the Patients’ Bill of Rights would allow members of Health Maintenance Organizations to sue their plans.

HMO's Rise Driven by Government, Not Market

November 1, 1998

In this Policy Fax, former nurse and head of the Citizens' Council on Health Care, argues that while many want the government to solve their dissatisfaction with HMO care, it would be a wrongheaded

Defined Contribution Health Insurance: Part 2

Greg Scandlen
October 1, 2000

In part two of this report that begins on page 17, author Greg Scandlen writes;

Myths about Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

December 8, 2000

In tis policy document, the author argues that for more than 50 years, America has relied on employers as the primary source of health insurance coverage. For the most part, this has been

Four Years of MSAs: The Lessons So Far

July 1, 2000

In this article which originally appeared in the Medical Sentinel, the author writes that, 

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