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Prescription Drugs and Medicare Reform

John Goodman and Sean Tuffnell
March 16, 2000

In this article, authors John Goodman and Sean Tuffnell discuss the need to reform Medicare and prescription drug costs the majority of our seniors face on a monthly basis.  They write;

Prescription Drugs for Seniors: The Roth IRA Solution

John C. Goodman
March 1, 2000

In this brief analysis, John Goodman asserts that almost everyone agrees seniors need health coverage.

Secret Disservice: The Public's Right to Know

H. Sterling Burnett
August 1, 1999
Policy makers often rely on scientific research, much of which is funded by the federal government, in making important policy decisions. Faulty research can result in bad policy.

Reforming Medicaid

James R. Cantwell
August 1, 1995

In summary, author James R. Cantwell writes;

Dying Too Soon: How Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Can Save Lives

Tammy O. Tengs
May 1, 1997

Tengs considers four strategies outlined by public health officials.

Making Drugs Safe and Available without the FDA

Noel D. Campbell
January 1, 1997

Why not have real reform and turn the entire process over for private third-party certification?

Medical Savings Accounts: Obstacles to Their Growth and Ways to Improve Them

Greg Scandlen
July 1, 1998

In this study, author Greg Scandlen reviews and answers questions regarding the Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) 18 months after its initial implementation.

Saving the Medicare System with Medical Savings Accounts

September 5, 1995

In this policty report, the unsigned authors conduct this study to examine the choices private insurers will be able to offer as alternatives to the government-run program if they are given a

The Nightmare in Our Future: Elderly Entitlements

John C. Goodman and Dorman E. Cordell
January 1, 1998

In this article, authors John C. Goodman and Dorman E.

Insuring the Uninsured

John C. Goodman and Merrill Matthews Jr.
December 20, 1996

In this policy analysis, the authors write that we should expect a heated battle in Congress.  They assert that we should,

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