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School Choice, Charter Schools, and Trends In Educational Privatization

Lisa Snell
April 2, 2012

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Inclusion, Not Infrastructure: Rethinking Universal-Service Policy in a Broadband Era

September 1, 2009

Government subsidies represent capital purposefully redirected into unprofitable enterprises.

The Tampa to Orlando High-Speed Rail Project: Florida Taxpayer Risk Assessment

January 1, 2011

Governor Rick Scott is evaluating whether to proceed with construction of the proposed Tampa to Orlando high-speed rail project.

The California High Speed Rail Proposal: A Due Diligence Report

Wendell Cox and Joseph Vranich
September 1, 2008

The purpose of this Due Diligence Report is to examine the proposal to build a California highspeed rail system (HSR) between the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento to Los Angeles and San Diego

The Gathering Pension Storm

George Passantino and Adam Summers
June 16, 2005

An ominous storm cloud is gathering across the horizon as American governments try to pay for the lucrative pension promises made to their employees.

Gaining Public Support for Freeway Congestion Pricing

April 1, 2012

With transportation coffers barely able to maintain highways, let alone adding new capacity to relieve congestion, many transportation economists and urban planners have concluded that the&nbs

Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Personal Mobility: Opportunities and Possibilities

November 29, 2011

Federal, state and local governments are considering or have implemented policies that seek to reduce human emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Locking Up Life-Saving Drugs

Kerry Howley
September 1, 2005

In this Reason article, the author asserts that prescription laws are harmful to the community and patients.  They end up making us sicker, and poorer.

Mandatory Health Insurance Now!

Ronald Bailey
November 1, 2004

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll last fall, 62 percent of the respondents favored a universal, government-run medical insurance program.  Such surveys reflect a widespread frust

The War On Fat

Jacob Sullum
August 1, 2004

"The War on Fat: Is the size of your butt the government's business?"

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