Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

The Bitter Harvest of Obama’s Transformation

In campaigning for the presidency, Barrack Obama inspired popular support of millions of voters by eloquently promising to “transform” America with “fundamental” change.

Cruz Bill Promotes Energy Liberation, Job Creation, Prosperity

On March 27, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act, providing for comprehe

Net Neutrality Rhetoric: 'Believe it or not!'

With due credit to "Ripley's Believe it or Not!®," so much odd and bizarre i

It's a Very Complex World

In the 1980s I devoted a lot of effort to debunking a torrent of Green lies about pesticides and herbicides.

Storms of My Father

James Hansen has a fantasy book out called “Storms of my Grandchildren.” I say fantasy because it seems that if you are climate scientist, or pretend to be (Dr.

Why Michael Sam’s Draft Position Makes Sense

Cato’s David Boaz writes on what he views as the biased way the NFL Draft treated Michael Sam and the “cost of disc

Misdirection Increasing in Size, Intensity & Coverage

Once upon a time, oh, say 20 years ago, the talk was that the Pacific would be in a constant state of El Nino.

Manmade Climate Disruption – the Hype and Reality

The White House has released its latest National Climate Assessment.

The Legally Problematic Nature of a Title II Reclassification of Internet Services

I confess that I am more than a bit mystified at the way FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and his Democrat colleagues, seemingly, are moving ever closer in the direction of embracing a Title II recla

Media Marxists Persuading the Government to Execute its Hugest Internet Power Grab Yet

Allow me to (re)introduce you to the hardcore Leftists rabble rousing for a full-on government takeover of the World Wide Web.