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Open Letter to Internet Association on Broadband Utility Regulation

Dear Executives of Internet Association Companies,

The Copyright Alert System at One

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) has been operating for nearly a year now, and an analysis of its first ten months in action has been released.

Let’s Not Put the People in Charge of the VA in Charge of the Internet

The Veterans Administration (VA) has been a disaster since just about its inception.  Because it is government-only monopoly single-payer health care. 

The Bigger the Government - The Worse the Economy

We’ve seen it in too many sectors of the economy to possibly mention – both domestically and internationally.  The greater the government involvement in an economic sector – the greater the en

Transform The VA Into A Pro-Growth Model For First Rate Health Care

The VA (Veterans Administration) scandals show why so many people have been so highly motivated for so long to fight against Obamacare.

Consumer Groups Fight Back Against Junk Science Tactics

With increasing frequency, activist groups are trying to remove safe and useful products from the

Sorry, Jerry Brown, Global Warming Is Reducing Wildfires

California Gov. Jerry Brown blames global warming and Republicans for recent wildfires in California, but objective scientific data show a decline in wildfires as our planet modestly warms.

Pros and Cons of a Carbon Tax for the Energy Industry

Re: “Which mistake would be worse?,” May 19 letter to the editor.