Art Horn

Meteorologist, The Art of Weather

After graduation, Art was employed by weather consulting companies in the Boston area. The first of these companies, Weather Services Corporation of Bedford, Massachusetts, sent him to Iran to work as an on-site meteorologist. After returning from Iran, Art worked in the radio weather field for Environmental Research and Technology in Concord, Massachusetts.

His television career started in Portland, Maine working for the CBS station Channel 13. After four years in Maine he moved to the CBS station Channel 7 in Boston. From there he headed south to be the chief meteorologist for the NBC Station Channel 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida. While there he produced many special programs about the dangers of hurricanes.

In 1992 Art returned to Connecticut to work for the NBC station channel 30 in his home state. In 2005 Art started his own business, The “Art” of weather. Mr. Horn travels Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, and around the country as well as on cruise ships with his weather programs that both entertain and educate people about the many ways of our amazing atmosphere. He also works as a freelance meteorologist for television stations and has produced and hosted an Emmy nominated documentary about hurricanes with CPTV, the PBS station in Connecticut. He won a “Telly award” for the same documentary.

Art is an expert witness for lawyers in weather-related lawsuits. He also writes magazine articles and visits elementary, middle, and highs schools with educational weather programs. He performs a popular program, “Global Warming: Fact or Fiction,” that dispels many of the common myths of climate change.

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