Bill Evans

Principal, Bill Evans Media

Bill studied for his Ph.D. in music production at Manchester Metropolitan University in England and the Science, and Music Technology Group at Glasgow University. He also holds High Honours degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from Clark University in the United States, and a minor in Mathematics. Dr. Evans has lectured at universities on both sides of the Atlantic in music production, business and technology, and computer science.

As the principal of Bill Evans Media, Bill works as a music producer, engineer, manager, and promoter. His credits over the past two years, as principle engineer and/or producer, include Steve Morse, Mike Portnoy, Steve Vai, Albert Lee, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci, and Sterling Ball. The bands of his current client roster have sold more than 140,000,000 albums. In the past five years, they have earned more than 15 gold and platinum albums, and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Combining science and music, Evans recently innovated a music production technology, Harmonic Phrase Analysis and Restoration. It has been scientifically demonstrated to substantially increase the clarity and fidelity of recordings. It was first employed on the Flying Colors’ Blu-ray, Second Flight: Live at the Z7, garnering press hailing as the best live sound that had been reviewed. The release debuted several other innovations by Evans, including the ability for the viewer to move around the venue while watching the Blu-ray, with surround mix changing depending on where the viewer stood in the concert hall. As a hardware engineer, Bill’s inventions include the world’s first three-dimensional force-field production system, in 2007, the Volumetric Haptic Display. It is employed in his stand-alone digital audio workstation, which is both the first 3D and VR audio editor.

Evans is a Policy Advisor at the Heartland Institute in the United States, specialising in the music industry. He is also a Voting Member of the National Academy of Recordings Arts and Sciences (The Grammy’s) and the British Phonographic Industry (The Brit Awards). As a volunteer, Bill served as a Senior Counsellor for the United Way in Central Massachusetts, and as an EMT under the Massachusetts State Police, for which he received a Commendation.

Publicity contact: Steve Oppeheimer – White Dog Communications – [email protected]