Cameron Sholty

Director of Government Relations, The Heartland Institute

Cameron Sholty is government relations director at The Heartland Institute. He brought with him to Heartland more than 15 years of experience in politics, public policy, and communications. In every role of his career, Sholty has worked to advance free-market ideas and the cause of individual liberty.

Sholty is the former communications director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, the Wisconsin’s largest litigation and public policy research organization. As communications director, he helped craft public messaging for groundbreaking litigation wins, such as Marquette University professor John McAdams’ free-speech case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He also developed communication strategies to preserve and expand Wisconsin’s historic school choice programs and to advance other state-based solutions to public policy challenges.

A veteran of the Wisconsin State Legislature, Sholty served as chief of staff to the former Wisconsin Assembly majority leader. In that role, he guided messaging, outreach, and legislative strategies for the entire Republican caucus. He has worked on some of the most substantial legislative initiatives that Wisconsin has seen in generations, including Wisconsin’s historic collective bargaining reforms.

Prior to serving in the legislature, Cameron was Midwest regional director for FreedomWorks, a national grassroots advocacy organization. During his time at FreedomWorks, Sholty worked on numerous important issues, including Social Security reform, tax reform, and preserving Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

Cameron earned a bachelor of arts degree in international relations from Marquette University.

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September 19, 2023
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