Chris Horner

Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Christopher C. Horner serves as a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, in which capacity he oversees petitions and litigation on topics including data access and quality laws, the Freedom of Information Act, and government science and agency statutory compliance, and other legal matters involving environment and energy issues, international environmental treaties, and climate policy. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism” (Regnery, 2007).

A practicing attorney in Washington, D.C., Mr. Horner works on a legal and policy level with numerous think tanks and policy organizations throughout the world. He frequently speaks before industry and academic audiences, and has written on numerous topics in publications ranging from law reviews to legal and industrial trade journals to print and online opinion pages. He has testified before the United States Senate Committees on Foreign Relations and Environment and Public Works, given numerous addresses in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels and before policymakers in numerous capitals including London, Rome, Copenhagen, Madrid, Warsaw and Prague. As a result of these efforts to educate the public, Greenpeace has repeatedly targeted Mr. Horner, by stealing his garbage on a weekly basis, issuing press releases announcing with whom he is seen in the same room and including him in various other hysterical publications including most recently “A Field Guide to Climate Criminals” distributed at the UN climate meeting in Montreal in December 2005. Also in 2005, Cristina Narbona, Spain’s Socialist Environment Minister, referred to Horner as “the devil” for demonstrating to audiences in Spain and other European Union nations how Europe is failing to meet its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and why Europeans should abandon the doomed process.

Mr. Horner has provided legal, policy and political commentary several hundred times each on both television and radio, in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia, including scores of visits each on the Fox News Channel, Court TV, MSNBC with repeat visits on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, BBC, CNN, CNN International, ITN, CBC, Bloomberg and Reuters Television. Mr. Horner has guest hosted television commentary programs and makes weekly appearances on and regularly guest hosts nationally and regionally syndicated radio shows in America. He has been a frequent contributor in the Washington Times, National Review Online and opinion pages, is a guest columnist for United Press International and, and has regularly contributed to the legislative news magazine EU Reporter (Brussels).

He received his Juris Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis where he received the Judge Samuel Breckenridge Award for Advocacy.