Dale L. Hugo

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Harper College

Dale is currently professor of chemistry at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois where he has taught medical chemistry and physical science for 28 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Safety Engineering from Warren State University, Wyoming; an M.S. in Administration and Chemistry from Northern Illinois University, and a B.A in chemistry from Trinity College, (now Trinity International University) in Deerfield, Illinois. He later he served as the chairman of the Chemistry Department at Trinity.

He was an environmental, health and safety senior engineer at Motorola for 15 years. He published 280 items to date and 50 of those were photos and articles on NASA’s Earth Science Picture of the Day. He also tutors in chemistry at the Harper College Tutoring Center.

His hobbies include astronomy, reading and hiking. Last year he read 100 books in the sciences and other topics. He and his brother Mark have spoken at the Heartland Institute on climate realism. Dale is honored to be a policy advisor and have his article “Energy Alternatives Must be Compelling” published by Heartland.

Dale is on the Board of Trustees of Arlington Countryside Church in Arlington Heights, and has been Chairman of the Board of an international board serving families of addicts.

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