Greg Scandlen

Greg Scandlen passed away on August 8, 2023.

Greg Scandlen was a policy advisor of The Heartland Institute and founder of Consumers for Health Care Choices, a non-partisan, non-profit membership organization aimed at empowering consumers in the health care system. In April 2008, Heartland and Consumers for Health Care Choices merged, with CHCC becoming a program of The Heartland Institute.

Scandlen was an accomplished writer, researcher, and public speaker. He was considered one of the nation’s experts on health care financing, insurance regulation, and employee benefits. He testified frequently before Congress and appeared on such television shows as the O’Reilly Factor, NBC Nightly News, ABC News, and CNN. Scandlen gave three dozen speeches a year to organizations representing employers and labor, hospitals and physicians, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies.

He published many papers on topics such as health care costs, insurance reform, employee benefits, individual insurance programs, HSAs and HRAs, and every aspect of consumer-driven health care.

Scandlen worked for several Washington-based think tanks, including the Cato Institute, National Center for Policy Analysis, and Galen Institute. He was president of the Health Benefits Group, a benefits consulting firm, and founder and executive director of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance, a trade association of insurance companies.. He also spent 12 years in the Blue Cross Blue Shield system, most recently as director of state research at the national association.

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